Humanities Graduate Student Association Webpage: COVID Resources

We will use this page to collect and publish important information to help you navigate the COVID-19 crisis.

3/26 Update: Dean Matsuda and the Crisis Management Team have decided not to change graduate courses to P/F status.

Immediate help and support

  • If you are self-isolating in Houston and can’t get groceries/are otherwise unable to access resources, email (or contact us on Twitter or via Facebook) and we will find a way to get you what you need.
  • We have made a spreadsheet indicating who has identified themselves as (a) still in Houston, (b) not among the most vulnerable, and (c) having access to transportation. If you fit this bill and are willing to help, email and let us know if you’re comfortable being on this spreadsheet. We may contact you for help with bringing resources to other graduate students.
  • Please join our HGSA Slack channel, where we can best provide you community support. It’s a communication platform that graduate students in the Humanities can use to organize assistance, working groups, support networks, etc. It has a website and a messaging app.
  • Scott Pett ( at the OISS has volunteered to be a point of contact for International Students and postdocs.

Events and Communication

Teaching/Learning/Research Resources

  • If you are teaching but have not gotten the updates sent to faculty and staff, let Lydia know at
  • Zoom guides published by Rice:
  • Fondren is no longer able to mail books or scan articles as of 3/24/2020. Follow Fondren updates here.
  • Fondren outlines available services and resources here.


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