HGSA/SSGSA Travel Funding

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The HGSA/SSGSA Travel Grant provides “last resort” travel funding to Humanities and Social Sciences graduate students. To qualify for funding, applicants must be presenting or interviewing at a conference (Fall, Spring, Summer) or conducting a research travel trip (Summer only). Applicants may request a maximum of $500 per award. Each student is limited to one award per academic year and priority will be given to first-time applicants. Please read the application guidelines and requirements carefully before applying.

The HGSA/SSGSA Grants Committee
The HGSA/SSGSA Grants Committee is a ten-person committee composed of graduate student representatives from each of the Humanities and Social Sciences departments. A single department cannot have more than one vote at grant meetings. It is each department’s responsibility to ensure they have a voting member present at meetings. The HGSA/SSGSA Grants Committee meets on a monthly basis to review grant proposals.

Please contact the HGSA Grants Director
at (attn: Christina)
the SSGSA Grants Director
at (attn: Ian)

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